is an experimental, online learning community that explores activism, spirituality, and philosophy through creativity, lifestyle choices, and personal practices. Every year we determine a new course of study to pursue together through research, writing, art-making, storytelling, community-building, and direct action. 


Our mission is to provide structure and inspiration for practices that enrich lives and relationships while supporting individuals to take action in the world for peace and equity. Reading and watch lists, webinars and online meet-ups, frequent participatory events, and local study groups provide spaces for expansive reflection. Our online forum is a private space for members to share their experiences and connect with each other. Through our website and social media channels members can share their work and reflections with the larger community. Registered members receive regular newsletters with prompts for art projects, calls-to-action, relationship experiments, guided yoga and mindfulness meditations. 

We know that life is full and it can be overwhelming to figure out how, where, and when we as individuals can make choices for a better world. Doing Theory aims to provide concrete, task-based practices that are easily integrated into daily life and through cumulative impact become social change.



Our community is based on long-term, collaborative processes. Our projects span one year at minimum and have the potential to continue indefinitely. We currently have over 150 member who use the forum to converse, exchange information, express through creativity, and create awareness and social change. 

Doing Theory values the three treasures of Buddhism: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Our practices of self-reflection, mindfulness, and creative exploration provide means for us as individuals to connect to our own inner wisdom and spiritual source. As we become more empowered and uplifted we form dedication to uplifting others (Buddha.) Through our dedication and self-knowing we identify the ways in which we most usefully connect to political awareness and resistance, positive social change, and sustainable life choices (Dharma.) The relationships we form and support together create an expanded community of empowered and compassionate individuals (Sangha.)