Embodying Truth with Sarah Trelease

Sarah Trelease of Sola School of Contemplative Arts gives a dharma talk on the meaning of Satya (truthfulness,) the second observance in the ethical practice of yoga. In this talk Sarah leads us on an inquiry of truthfulness as a personal practice within the context of subjective reality. The second part of this talk is a 10-minute guided breathing meditation (pranayama) that helps us align and listen to our inner truth and clarity.

A Conversation with Artist and Activist Patricia Vasquez

Listen in on a conversation between myself and my very inspiring friend Patricia Vasquez. In this episode we talk about her artistic practice as a painter and a poet, her work as an activist and socially engaged artist with immigrant populations and the day laborers center in Portland, OR, the importance of embodiment, race, nationality, identity, and more.

Patricia Vasquez is an artist and community educator based in the US and Mexico. Her work is multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and deeply thoughtful. Her studio work explores the connections between race, gender, nationality, class, sexuality and other sources of identity. View her studio art portfolio and projects here:

Patti also has a socially engaged art practice, learn more about her work with day laborers and activism here:

Real Talk with Kristina Wong

Join me for a conversation with LA comedian Kristina Wong. We talk about race and racism in the US, white privilege, "Eat Pray Love moments" and her current show "The Wong Street Journal" which focuses on her experiences as a volunteer in Uganda. Kristina is a super smart, super funny, super rad human. If you're in Portland you can catch her show at the Headwaters theater Thur-Sun (October 20-24, 2016) or check out her website for more details.