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Allyship, Intersectionality & Honesty with Tanya Pluth

Please join us for the first Learning To Love More webinar
with Tanya Pluth!

Tanya Pluth is a writer, musician, artist, entrepreneur, and spiritual teacher/healer, who is located in the Portland, Oregon area. She has taught university-level courses on intersectionality, feminism, and writing and was one of the organizers for 2016's Whiteness History Month: Context, Consequences and Change – a multidisciplinary, district-wide, educational project examining race and racism through exploring the construction of whiteness, its origins and heritage. Whiteness History Month sought to inspire innovative and practical solutions to community issues and social problems that stem from racism.

For this online discussion Tanya will present to the group and facilitate a conversation on the following three points:

1.     What is Intersectionality? How can it support a practice of non-lying in activism?Intersectionality theory can be a powerful tool for unmasking. Exploring Intersectionality can unmask the points at which privilege or oppression taught us habits of lying or ignoring our experiences and the experiences of others. We can use Intersectionality to break these habits and engage more honestly.

2.     What does it mean to be an Ally? The role of the ally and why honesty is necessary to working in, or with, this role.

3.     Loving fear. These two words don’t often go together. In putting these two words together, a cognitive dissonance is created that can lead to insight: what can be revealed through a loving response to fear, whether your own or someone else’s? 

This special webinar will be offered live for one day only but will be recorded and archived for the Doing Theory website. There are only 10 spaces available for live video participants, so if you are excited about conversing with Tanya and would like to be a part of the discussion make sure to sign up early. You can register here

Additional participants can participate via chat and view the webinar here