An Experiment in Appreciation

What does it feel like to appreciate something? Not just to compliment or acknowledge, but to truly take the time to notice the unique character of something or someone, to feel how being in their presence is good for you, and then to give voice to that appreciation in some way?

What does it feel like to be appreciated? Do you even pay attention to the times when you have felt seen, understood, and recognized?

Appreciation is a two-way practice. It's basically impossible to really appreciate others if we don't appreciate ourselves. And when we can't receive appreciation from others due to our own walls and negative self-talk, it's a sign that we've got some blockages in our energy flow that need to be paid attention to.

This relationship experiment asks you to practice appreciating. You might start small and non-human: appreciate a flower, a cloud, or a piece of music. When you appreciate other people notice if you can appreciate them for the ways that they are both different and similar to you. Experiment with different ways of letting them know they are appreciated (smiles, hugs, high-fives, and reciprocity as well as words are all ideas.) Practice appreciating yourself! Self-appreciation can happen in a lot of ways and for a lot of things. When you appreciate yourself notice if you can take time to absorb your own appreciation and let it in.

Comment below with your ideas of how to appreciate and how you notice appreciation working in your life.