Learning To Love More is a 12-month experiential study course that focuses on expanding a contemporary understanding of the yamas and niyamas, which are the relational and personal practices described as the ten living principles for those on the path of yoga. The intention of this course is to pragmatically and effectively practice theories that so many of us are grappling with right now – like nonviolence in a violent and destructive cultures, or honesty in polarized ideological landscapes. The yamas and niyamas are: non-violence, non-lying, non-stealing, sexual responsibility, non-grasping, cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study, and surrender.

The course materials are delivered to participants by email in the form of regular newsletters which include essays on theory, creative prompts/assignments, mindfulness practices, calls for activism, and suggestions for reading and media. All of our content is stored and easily accessible for ongoing use in the members section of this website. Registered participants have the option to interact with one another online in a Google group and Facebook page. Additionally, there are semi-regular webinars throughout the year facilitated by a diverse community of artists, activists and educators. Live gatherings and study groups meet in the Portland area and elsewhere where members have organized. There is no requirement for participation other than registration and members are encouraged to engage the material and content in ways that are reasonable and generative for their lives and schedules. 

At the end of the course a book will be compiled with writings, artwork and other materials generated during the year.


Term dates: September 22, 2016 – October 1, 2017

  • Live  and online meet-ups are announced at least two weeks in advance. See events for upcoming

Cost: Sliding scale by donation $10-$200. A one-time registration donation is necessary to enroll. You are free to donate multiple times. If this cost is prohibitive to you and you wish to join please contact me.

Donate and register here

Location: This course is conducted primarily online and in our personal lives and communities.

Grades: There are no grades.

Workload: This course offers many opportunities and avenues for study and creation. How you decide to work with the content is up to you. The materials of this course will continue to be available to you indefinitely and the hope is that relationships formed between members will continue as well. The only deadlines are the ones you make for yourself.

You are invited, but not obligated, to share your experiences, reflections, artwork, and inspirations on the group forum page and Facebook group.

Feedback and communication with Renee:  There are opportunities for participants to give feedback throughout the course in the form of surveys and group questions. Renee welcomes your emails and messages and will definitely read them. 


Monthly email packets may include writings on theory, podcasts, suggested reading, creative explorations, mindfulness prompts, and calls to action

September 22: Official start date. Registered participants will be sent login info, technical requirements and the first mindfulness prompt.
October: Relationship, community and creativity - Introduction
November: Ahimsa/ Non-violence
December: Saucha/ Cleanliness
January: Satya/ Non-lying
February: Santosha/ Contentment
March: Asteya/ Non-stealing
April: Tapas/ Personal discipline
May: Brahmacharya/ Responsible sexuality and creativity
June: Svadhyaya/ Self-study
July: Aparigraha/ Non-grasping
August: Isvara Pranidhana/ Devotion
September: Relationship, community and creativity - Conclusion